Managing Copays with Kareo

January 21st, 2007 by Dan Rodrigues

Some Kareo users have written our support team requesting help with the new process for managing copays using the January 2007 release.  Here is some background information on the changes and a link to some new documentation covering the subject.

With the January 2007 release, Kareo introduced some important changes to posting payments in encounters, tracking copay amounts due, applying patient copays when approving encounters, and tracking patient versus insurance responsibility.  These new changes enable schedulers to accept copays and print receipts from the appointment calendar, and also enable billers to track and bill for missed copays concurrently with the insurance billing process.

For more information and a detailed guide to these changes, please download and read the Kareo Feature Guide for Managing Copays.  Or, for a complete list of Kareo documentation, please visit the Kareo Guides section of this site.  If you have any questions after reading our documentation, please email

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Kareo Live and Recorded Webinars

January 17th, 2007 by Dan Rodrigues

We are proud to announce the launch of some exciting new training options for Kareo users.  The Kareo Help & Support site now features a training library, including live webinars, pre-recorded webinars, and self-paced training videos.

The live webinars are web-based video meetings along with a live conference call.  We plan to host between 5-10 live webinars per week.  Initially, the live webinars will focus on Kareo’s core functionality.  But once we compile a complete library of pre-recorded webinars covering core functionality, the live webinars will highlight new feature releases and advanced topics, such as real-time patient eligibility, kFax, business rules, and more.  We encourage Kareo users to RSVP for the live webinars by emailing  For more information, please visit Kareo’s live webinar schedule.

We are also archiving recordings of our live webinars for Kareo users that are unable to attend the live webinars.  These pre-recorded webinars can be viewed at your own pace and they are a good option for users interested in learning an entire category of functionality.  Our plan is to compile a library of 7-10 pre-recorded webinars within the next week that we think will provide a valuable training option we can post quickly.  So far this week, we have posted recorded webinars covering setting up your company, setting up a practice, and using the new payment posting screen.  For a complete list of pre-recorded webinars now, please visit the Kareo pre-recorded webinar library now.

Finally, we also plan to build a high-quality library of self-paced training videos.  Unlike the live or pre-recorded webinars, the self-paced training videos will be organized into 20+ videos, each about 10-15 minutes in length.  The self-paced training videos include a table of contents and you can skip to specific topics that catch your interest.  We have already posted a few self-paced training videos, but some of these videos need to be updated based upon the new functionality in the Kareo January 2007 release.  We recommend checking back on this section in 3-4 weeks.

We hope you enjoy our new training options and please send us email at if you have any feedback.

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