Kareo to Attend HBMA 2009 Fall Conference

August 25th, 2009 by Dan Rodrigues

HBMA Fall ConferenceKareo will be attending the Healthcare Billing & Management Assocation’s (HBMA) 2009 Fall National Conference in Las Vegas from September 23-25, 2009. Kareo is a corporate partner of the HBMA, a well-run organization that provides excellent educational and networking opportunities for third-party medical billing companies. This year’s fall conference should play host to a range of interesting sessions and discussions covering topics from EHR planning, to an update on the upcoming ICD-10 coding standard, to managing collections in difficult times. We will be doing some live blogging with updates and insights from the event, so be sure to tune into the Kareo blog on September 24th and 25th. Let us know if you are planning to attend this event and would like to meet up with us.

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Upgrades to Kareo Network Infrastructure

August 17th, 2009 by Dan Rodrigues

Kareo Server UpgradesThe Kareo service is hosted at a data center facility in Orange County, California where big companies, such as Yahoo and Washington Mutual, also host their high-performance Internet servers.  To ensure that your data is secure and always accessible, Kareo has built sophisticated infrastructure that includes firewalls, redundant application servers, clustered database servers, storage area networks, encrypted backup systems, and much more.

But over the past year, we have doubled the number of customers on the Kareo service.  This has put a strain on our instrastructure and we have started to max out the utilization of our existing servers.   So in recent weeks, we have slowly introduced various hardware upgrades, including doubling the capacity of our database servers and upgrading our firewalls and networking switches.  The goal is to enhance the performance and reliability of our systems in order to improve the overall Kareo medical billing software experience.

As always, we will do our best to minimize the likelihood that these upgrades will have a negative impact on our customers.  But if you experience any problems whatsoever, please check out the Kareo Status Blog for status updates and email our customer support team at support@kareo.com if you need assistance.

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Meet the New Members of Our Support Team

August 11th, 2009 by Dan Rodrigues

Kareo is growing!  To improve the service we provide to our customers, we just added two new members to our customer support team.  They both bring years of medical billing software, practice management software, and electronic claims processing experience to Kareo.

Frances BeebeFrances Beebe is a customer support professional with over 7 years of medical billing and practice management software experience.  Prior to joining Kareo, Frances was a customer support representative, trainer, and supervisor for Officemate Software Solutions, a medical practice management software firm.  Frances brings extensive experience in medical billing workflow, knowledge of ANSI electronic claim formats, and prior experience working with Gateway EDI, one of our clearinghouse partners.  In her spare time, Frances likes to play with her two poodles Abby and Buster.

Peter DownsPeter Downs is a computer technology and customer support professional with more than 5 years of electronic claims processing experience and over 10 years of IT experience.  Prior to joining Kareo, Peter was a senior EDI analyst with Capario where he guided new clients through the EDI implementation process.  In addition to his mastery of the ANSI electronic claim formats, Peter is a Microsoft Certified Professional and has extensive technology support experience.  For fun, Peter likes to spend time with his newborn daughter, Delanee.

Please join us in welcoming Peter and Frances to the team!

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The Kareo Blog: Version 2.0

August 11th, 2009 by Dan Rodrigues

phoenixThe Kareo blog was established in 2006.  But to say that we neglected our blog would be an understatement of biblical proportions.  We admit it.  We’re not going to deny it.  Or hide from it.  We started the Kareo blog with the best of intentions.  But somewhere along the way, we just never got it off the ground.

All of that changes starting today.  With great pride and with a renewed sense of commitment to communicating more effectively with our customers and friends of the company, we are resurrecting the Kareo blog.  You might be skeptical.  You might even roll your eyes.  We understand.  But that’s not going to discourage us. 

Like the mythical phoenix rising from the ashes, the Kareo blog has been reborn anew to live again!

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