Expanding Our Support Staff Means More Help for You

June 21st, 2010 by Joann Doan

In our Customer Survey in December, we heard loud and clear that our customers wanted us to make more customer support available. So, over the last few months we have begun a number of steps to provide you with the support resources you need, including additional support packages, adding to our self-service training videos and other helpful tools. We have also added some expert staff to help you with implementation and support for your Kareo medical billing software, and we’d like to introduce them.

Edith Santiago, Implementations

Our first addition was Edith Santiago in Implementations, who brings nearly 20 years of experience in information services support to her role. Before joining Kareo, Edith filled a variety of roles in quality assurance, staff training and software support for Officemate Software Solutions, a medical practice management software firm. Edith says what she likes best about working at Kareo is that “every Kareo employee here is hard-working and cares not only about the service and support they provide, but also have the client’s concerns and best interests at heart. “ She adds, “I enjoy learning and hearing our customers’ experiences and being able to share their experience, along with my own experience, with others.” Edith studied Computer Science with a specialization in Systems Analyst at Irvine Valley College and is a member of the Southern California Quality Assurance Association. Born and raised in Hawaii, Edith moved to California to experience three seasons instead of just one.

Jim Millen 3 CroppedJim Millen, MCP, A+, an experienced healthcare software implementation professional with 9 years of experience, came to Kareo from MedAvant Healthcare, where he was a Senior Implementation Specialist. Now a member of the Kareo Support Team, Jim says he likes working “with a good product that’s always improved, not stagnant. It’s important to me to have a good product that I like.” Jim says what he likes most about helping Kareo customers is “being able to give answers right away to an issue. Everybody has to call Support sometime, and I hate when you don’t really get an answer that helps you.” Jim is passionate about technology, half-marathons and paintball. A 12-year veteran of paintball, he participates in international paintball tournaments and has appeared on TV in competitions.

We hope you will enjoy working with Edith and Jim; they’re both terrific people and work hard to help Kareo customers. We realize that providing excellent customer service is key to success in web-based software, and we’re working hard to exceed your expectations. Keeping up with customers’ needs is a challenge for every growing company, and it is one that we take seriously. We will continue to improve our customer support and the Kareo application. We appreciate your feedback on how we’re doing, and your suggestions for how we can improve.

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