New Release: Customize Your Encounter Screen Layout Plus 25 Other Timesavers

June 28th, 2010 by Dan Rodrigues

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We have received a number of excellent suggestions recently from you, our users, on how we can save you time and make Kareo even easier to use. This is the first of several releases that will incorporate your ideas, along with some of our own, all specifically designed to accomplish one of the following goals:

• Save you time
• Make Kareo easier to use
• Simplify the setup process
• Reduce claim rejections
• And more…

Customize Your Encounter Screen for Your Practice
Kareo now allows you to customize the encounter screen layout for your practice and the way you prefer to work. You can add, remove, and change the order of fields and sections of your encounter data entry screen. This helps you streamline the data entry process by entering only the required fields for your practice while skipping over the situational fields that do not apply to your practice workflow. Other improvements in Encounters include:

• Approve or change the status of multiple encounters at once
• Add or change a supervising physician on an approved encounter
• Change in status terminology from “Submitted” to “Review”

20+ More Timesavers and Easy Tools
Other enhancements, the first of many to come in future releases, include a variety of features and workflow improvements:

• You can now settle multiple claim service lines at once

• Removed policy number validation field from Contract screen

• New to-do items make it easier to keep track of rejections, denials, and no response claims requiring insurance follow-up

Document Management
• Enhanced document printing to print specific pages or a range of pages
• Added “Eligibility” as a new document label type
• New scanned documents will default status to “new” for easier identification
• New guidance on good scanning defaults to manage your document storage
• Added file size field to documents list to manage your document storage

• Added the ability to search all Kareo payer lists by payer ID
• Enhanced web enrollment removes fields that are no longer required

• Added validation to prevent saving an insurance plan without an address
• Simpler screen to select a payer connection for an insurance company

Patient Statements
• Send patient statements directly from the Find Claims screen
• Select all or deselect all option now available in the patient statement wizard
• Drill-down from patient to account history from the patient statement wizard

• Added auto-population of the patient address to the guarantor address
• Changed the warning and error messages for required fields on patient record
• Added “Check Eligibility” option from the patient record and Find Patients screen
• Added guarantor name to Find Patients screen
• Added ability to search patients by guarantor name

• Save and print patient receipts in one step when entering patient payments
• Added new validation to warn users of duplicate payments from being entered

• Added a subscription-level column to practices list for quick reference
• Added a column that shows which practices are active or inactive

• Updated taxonomy code list and removed invalid codes that cause rejections
• Split the permission to add or edit rendering and referring providers

At Kareo, we plan to continue working hard to make medical billing easy for you. Customer feedback drives our service and ensures we build the features that matter most to people like you, so your input is critical to us. Please email your ideas for our next release to

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