Kareo is on Social Media: Why Are We Tweeting? And Why Should You Care?

June 8th, 2010 by Joann Doan

Like many people, you may be wondering what all the social media fuss is about, particularly as it relates to companies. Why should you care whether Kareo is on Twitter or Facebook?

For us, the key is being able to hear from you, our customers, about how we can make medical billing, and especially medical billing software, easier for you.

Sure, you could call us or send an email, but who has time? We wanted to make it as easy for you as possible, and that’s the biggest reason we are now on social media sites. Here are the sites where you will find Kareo, along with the information you’ll find:

Twitter: Follow us to get up-to-the-minute news on Kareo, medical billing and other issues including Medicare changes, coding news and other important updates.

Facebook: Like Kareo and you can share your thoughts on new features we should add, challenges you’re facing that we can help with, and other improvements you’d like to see made to Kareo. In addition, you’ll find news, videos and other links about Kareo.

YouTube: Visit Kareo’s video channel to see video testimonials where our customers share how they’re making medical billing easier with Kareo, and find video tours of Kareo features. (If you’d like to enter the video testimonial contest mentioned in our blog post on May 18 below, email us at marketing@kareo.com or call 949-856-7225.)

Flickr: View our photostream to find useful screenshots, and photos of our helpful team so you can put faces to the names.

LinkedIn: Join our group to discuss how Kareo can help make medical billing easier for you, and get help from your colleagues on other challenging issues.

If you have suggestions on the kind of information you’d like to see on our social media sites, please let us know either on the site or by e-mailing marketing@kareo.com. And please tell us how we can make medical billing easier for you, or just share your problems. While you may not know how Kareo can help solve your problem, we can put our programming team on it, and your colleagues may have suggestions.

We look forward to connecting with you!

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Kareo Now Offers Free Electronic Health Records in Partnership with Practice Fusion

June 3rd, 2010 by Dan Rodrigues

practice-fusionNews about electronic health records (EHRs) and qualifying for government incentives from the HITECH Act seems to be everywhere, and as a result, many of you may be wondering what this means for your medical practice or billing service.

Today I’m thrilled to announce the launch of the Kareo + Practice Fusion integration.  You now have the option to use Practice Fusion’s free, web-based, ad-supported EHR system integrated with your Kareo account.  With Practice Fusion, you can manage electronic patient charts, send prescriptions with e-prescribing, and order and receive labs quickly with electronic lab interfaces.  Then, by linking your Practice Fusion account with Kareo’s medical billing software, you can seamlessly transfer patient and encounter information from Practice Fusion’s EHR to Kareo, where you can manage your entire insurance and patient billing and collections process.  No other integrated medical billing and EHR solution on the market is as easy, affordable and quick to set up.

If you use Kareo in a physician office, and you are ready to adopt an EHR to convert from paper to electronic charting, then you can use the Kareo + Practice Fusion integration to modernize your medical records and you may qualify for up to $44,000 in government incentives under the HITECH Act for adopting an EHR.

If you use Kareo for your billing service, then you can use the Kareo + Practice Fusion integration as a powerful sales tool for attracting new physician clients that may be drawn to a free EHR that qualifies for government incentives and seamlessly integrates with your outsourced billing service.

Getting started with the Kareo + Practice Fusion integration is easy!  For more information, visit the EMR section of our website, watch the Kareo + Practice Fusion training video, or download and read the Kareo + Practice Fusion feature guide.  You’ll find instructions on how you can create a new Practice Fusion account or link an existing Practice Fusion account to Kareo in less than 30 seconds.  There’s no programming required and no implementation delays.

Practice Fusion is an optional service for Kareo customers.  You are free to use a third-party EHR or continue to use Kareo for your entire practice management needs.  Regardless of whether or not you decide to use Practice Fusion, you can rest assured that Kareo will continue to focus on innovative ways to make your medical billing easy and to help you get paid faster from insurance companies and patients.  The enhancements currently under development at Kareo include electronic billing of institutional claims, dozens of productivity improvements and time savers, credit card and ACH processing of patient payments with e-statements and online bill pay, patient collection rules with new letters and statements, enhanced reporting, and much more.

At Kareo, customer feedback drives our service and ensures we build the features that matter most to people like you, so your input is critical to us. If you have an idea for a new feature, please email us at features@kareo.com.

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