Kareo Customer Support Continues to Grow with Opening of New Sales & Customer Service Office in Indianapolis

January 31st, 2012 by Joann Doan

We are pleased to announce today the continued growth of our Kareo customer support team with the opening of a new sales and customer service office in Indianapolis, Indiana.We are pleased to announce today that we are continuing to grow our Kareo customer support team with the opening of a new sales and customer service office in Indianapolis, Indiana. The new mid-west facility will help Kareo better serve the needs of our mid-west and east coast customers and support the growth of our simple, cloud-based technology solution for managing small doctor’s offices.

The new office is managed by Jason McDonald, National Director of Sales for Kareo, and is located in the thriving business and tech hub known as Keystone at the Crossing, on the north side of Indianapolis.  The office opens with 15 full-time sales and customer service professionals and we plan to add more than 50 jobs at the new facility in 2012.  The new staff will focus on sales, implementation and training of new Kareo customers.

“Nothing is more exciting to me than leading a high-performance, customer-centric team within a rapidly growing technology company that is helping to improve the healthcare system in this country,” says Jason McDonald, National Director of Sales for Kareo, who has been with the company since the early days.  “I am thrilled to build this office and expand our team here in my hometown of Indianapolis.”

The new Indianapolis office is Kareo’s second corporate facility; our corporate headquarters are located in Irvine, California. Kareo will be aggressively hiring in both locations throughout 2012 in order to support the explosive growth.  Kareo is already used by more than 10,000 physicians, and we are adding hundreds of new physicians every month.  The new jobs will be added in sales, customer service, marketing and product development.  For more information, or to apply for a job at Kareo, please visit Kareo’s jobs site.

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Learn How to Improve Your Practice Profitability in a Kareo Demo Webinar

January 30th, 2012 by Joann Doan

Learn how to improve patient collections and reduce no shows with Kareo's easy to use medical billing softwareConsidering a switch to Kareo, but want to see how Kareo’s easy to use medical billing solution can help streamline your office and ask questions specific to your concerns? Then you are invited to join us for our next free demo webinars on February 9 or February 28 to learn how Kareo medical billing software will make medical billing easy for you as you improve your profitability. You’ll hear how you can:

Save money on your medical billing by paying one affordable monthly fee for software and clearinghouse
Keep things from falling through the cracks – quickly and easily see what claims need to be followed up on, which insurance companies haven’t responded and more
Use easy to customize reports to see which procedures are most profitable, which providers are most productive, and much more
Implement an integrated EHR/medical billing system with Kareo and one of our 8 EHR partners, providing you with freedom of choice in which EHR you use
● Improve your profitability with better patient collections and reduced no-shows using Kareo’s new patient payment services and phone appointment reminder service

Starting at just $69 per provider per month, Kareo is the easy, affordable medical billing option that is trusted by thousands of doctors.

We’ll show you why.

During this one-hour webinar, you’ll see in detail how Kareo’s easy to use features help you make your billing more productive. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions and learn how Kareo suits your specific needs. Please note that this webinar is designed for those who are not currently using Kareo but are interested in learning more about our easy, affordable application.

Title: Kareo Demo Webinar: How to Streamline Your Medical Billing
Date: Thursday, February 9, 2012 or Thursday, February 28, 2012
Time: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM PST (1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EST)

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.
Space is limited.

Reserve your webinar seat now for the dates indicated below:

February 9, 2012                             February 28, 2012
1:00 PM EST/10:00 AM PST              1:00 PM EST/10:00 AM PST

Register now for an informative demo webinar showcasing Kareo medical billing software  Register now for an informative demo webinar showcasing Kareo medical billing software

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Kareo Video Spotlight: Posting Payments Made Easy

January 26th, 2012 by Joann Doan

The Posting Payments video will show you how to access the find payments/received payments window, post from paper EOBs, post patient payments, and morePosting payments should be easy. The less time you have to spend worrying about whether or not a payment was posted, the more time you have to spend on more important tasks. Fortunately, Kareo can make it easier and less frustrating to post and track payments.

An online training video on Posting Payments from our Help Center, which features many helpful video and written training tools, gives a quick demonstration of what Kareo can do for you in terms of making it easy to post and track payments. The video covers the basics, including:

  • Accessing the Find Payments/Received Payments window
  • Posting from paper explanation of benefits (EOBs)
  • Posting patient payments
  • Posting refunds
  • Posting electronic remittance advice (ERA) records

Accessing the Find Payments/Received Payments window

There are several ways to do this. First, you can access the Encounters dropdown menu to find the Receive Payments and Find Payments screens. They may also be accessed using the function keys on the top of the keyboard (F5 and F10, respectively). The icons for each are also on the toolbar, and you can see what they will do if you hover over the icon with your mouse. You can also access them by using the Encounters option, either on the side navigation bar or the main workflow area of the screen.

Posting paper EOBs

On the main workflow screen, you will first click on Receive Payment and then on New Payment. You will see the list of line services, along with the unapplied amount in the upper right corner. In the lower left corner is a series of fields that allows you to apply the payment, and the lower right corner keeps a running tab of payment and billing activity.

As explained in the video, you might wish to fill in the Batch Naming field, using a naming convention such as the current date and your initials. This will allow you to run reports where you might, for example, wish to separate out EOB payments from everything else.

The postdate field defaults to the current date, but you can change it to the date the check was deposited, if you wish. The select insurance field has a dropdown menu, but you may also search if there is a long list of companies. The adjudication date is the date the check from the insurance company was cut, and the reference number is the actual check number. Method is the type of payment, and then you can enter the amount. You may wish to enter a category, again for purposes of running reports, but it is not necessary. Under the Apply tab, you can enter the allowed amount, which will be automatically figured, along with any copay or deductible. As you apply the funds, the unapplied amount in the upper left corner will decrease. When you have finished with the EOB, click Save Payment to move on to the next one.

Note the importance of the PCN number, which is an identifier found on the paper EOB. It will consist of an encounter number, the letter “z,” and your customer number. So you may see something like “3z1204.” This would be the third encounter entered into the system, and “1204” is your customer number, which will never change. This PCN number will help you quickly find encounters using the search function.

Posting patient payments

This is very similar to, but in some ways easier than, posting an EOB payment. On the Receive Payment screen, you would select the type as “patient” from the drop-down field. The reference number would be the check or the last four digits of the credit card. You may wish to have a “patient payment” category, again if you wish to run reports and separate out these payment types.

Most of the rest of posting a patient payment is almost identical to what you do for a paper EOB. When you enter the amount of the payment, the patient’s remaining balance is reduced.

Posting refunds

What happens if a payment exceeds what is owed or available to apply? Kareo makes it easy to post refunds.

Once all payments have been applied to each line service, the amount will go down to zero. If the patient paid more than that, they are issued a refund. This is done from the New Refund screen. Again, this is pretty self-explanatory with regard to the fields to fill in. The status may be either issued, if you are cutting the check in your office, or draft, if it will be coming from the physician’s office.

Note that it is very important to keep a constant eye on the Find Payment window, which lists all open items. This allows you to know immediately if it is necessary to post a refund. Make sure to commit the resources and time to keeping on top of this.

Posting ERAs

The final part of the training video covers posting electronic remittance advice notices (ERAs). Like it or not, the health care industry is moving toward being more and more electronic, so ERAs will become more and more common as a method of billing and payment.

In order to keep track of these ERAs, you would access Clearinghouse Reports from the Encounter screen on the left-side navigation panel. Under the Electronic Remittance tab, you can then view the ERA transaction information. Once you have reviewed the ERA to be certain everything is in order, you can then post the payment.

Caution: any ERA charges must originate within the Kareo system. Fortunately, you will get an error message explaining the problem if this is not the case. You can then print out any ERA errors and correct them.

You can watch this training video on Posting Payments now. You will also find many other popular training videos in the Kareo Help Center.

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Vote for the February Medical Billing Tip of the Month

January 25th, 2012 by Joann Doan

Choose one of these three tips as our Medical Billing Tip of the MonthThis month we are changing our Medical Billing Tip of the Month contest—you will be the judge! Listed below are the three top tips submitted this month (out of the many great ideas we received!). Just read them over and then post on our Facebook page which number is your choice for Medical Billing Tip of the Month. You can also post your choice in the Comments box here on our blog. Either way, be sure to vote before the deadline of Wednesday, February 1! The winner will receive a $250 American Express Gift Card and the acclaim of their peers. Here are the candidates:

1.      Review Your Fee Schedule Yearly

Are you leaving money on the table that could be in your pocket?

Do you review your fee schedule yearly? If not, chances are you are not collecting as much reimbursement as you could be. Under priced fees can cost a practice thousands of dollars every year.

Here are a couple ways to add those extra $$ to your pocket. Compare your fees to Medicare and Contracted Commercial Payers fee schedules. You can purchase a fee analyzer, which can be expensive, or if you are the do-it-yourself type person like me, you can download the payers fee schedules and copy and paste them into an Excel spreadsheet to compare your fees to specific payers. You can even use Excel and create a column to calculate your new fees, setting them above the payer contracted rates.


2.    Short Cut Tip for Entering Diagnosis Codes

I have a short cut tip for entering diagnosis codes while entering charges.

Make it easier to find an ICD-9 code when entering charges on the change entry screen. If you have loaded your Local Name into the Diagnosis code list, when you go to search for a code while holding down the Shift ? key you can then search by the criteria that your office uses for a diagnosis.

For example, if you use “UTI” a lot and there are no other symptoms, you can input the word UTI into the Local Name field and when you search for it, the code pops up.

To add a Local Name (or you can call it your office Diagnosis Code nickname), go to:



Find Diagnosis.

Double click on the code to which you wish to give a nickname, and in the Local Name box, enter it there. Save it and next time you want to search for it when entering charges, the nickname should come up. This saves me a lot of time.


3.      Method for Increasing Collections at Time of Service

We are always looking for a way to increase collections at the time of service. We don’t want to send statements for copays, etc., when the patient was in the office. We use Kareo to track how we do each month collecting these payments.

We set-up Categories for our payments. We have Copay, Deductible, Coinsurance, Payment Plan, and Insurance payments. As the patient makes a payment, we use these categories to track payments. Each month, we run a Payment Summary report, grouped by Category. We can then see how we are doing collecting the various payments.

As a side benefit, there has been a competition to see who collects the most each month. We run a Payments Detail report by Patient and look at the batches for each person. At the end of each quarter, we give a prize to the person that collected the most copays, coinsurance and deductibles. It has really improved our collections and provided some moral boost for our front office.

Which one is your top choice? Vote now on our Facebook page or in the Comments box on this blog. You have until Wed., February 1, to vote! We’ll announce the winner in our February newsletter.

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Kareo Recognized as One of Hottest Southern California Company Awardees by Lead411

January 24th, 2012 by Joann Doan

Kareo has been named as one of the hottest technology companies in Southern California, according to Lead411, a leading research company.Kareo has been named as one of the hottest technology companies in Southern California, according to Lead411, a leading research company. The announcement came today as Lead411 released the ‘Hottest Companies in Southern California” awards for 2012.

To develop the “Hottest Companies” list, the Lead411 research team scours through business articles and press releases to gain insight into the fastest growing technology companies in U.S. This particular list originally started with over 1800 companies and was narrowed down to the top 57.

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