“Kareo Was Able to Take Me into the Cloud”- and Now Medical Billing Service Isn’t a Slave to Servers

June 28th, 2012 by Joann Doan

We’re pleased to say that we receive quite a few video testimonials from Kareo customers, which you can find on our Reviews page. We value every single one, and every so often we like to share them with you.

We recently received a video testimonial from Nancy Nittler, owner of Total Billing and Consulting, Inc. in Murrieta, CA. Nancy has owned her medical billing service since 1990, and her company serves nearly 20 specialties.

Nancy has been with Kareo since 2005, coming on board when Kareo was in “its infancy,” as she puts it (and rightly so!). Nancy was tired of being a slave to servers, firewalls, VPNs—all the expensive technology that Kareo is designed to free billers from. So when she met our Director of Sales, Jason McDonald, at an AMBA conference, she talked to him over the course of two days to learn how Kareo could help her business. Then she took the unusual step of coming to Irvine to meet the team and talk to us about what she needed from her medical billing software.

Once she felt confident about Kareo, Nancy signed up and put some of her cardiology practices on Kareo. “They’re still on to this day,” she says of the result.

Nancy found that “it was extremely easy to do the startup and within hours we were actually billing.” She said her clients enjoyed the fact that after the initial training Nancy provided to them, they could log on to Kareo and do additional training at their own pace.

My favorite part is the management reports

“My favorite part of Kareo is the management reports,” Nancy says. “I trust in their numbers, I’ve proven their numbers, and our accountants have done the same.

“We are able to generate reports quickly, accurately, and are able to export them to Excel,” Nancy adds. “Our accountants have their own access to Kareo, which means they don’t have to bother me with questions, and they can report to the CFOs of the practices.

Nancy also likes the Kareo + Practice Fusion interface, calling it “a huge plus for us.” Many of her clients were looking for an EHR, and “Practice Fusion was something that everyone had heard of, being free, and then there was a really good interface with Kareo.” She once again put her cardiology practices on it and has found that “our docs are happy because they are able to submit charges quickly, able to bill quickly. We don’t need to wait for a courier package or Fed Ex package, we don’t have to hound our clients for missing charges—we find the process goes much smoother as a result, and the cash flow has increased. Our days to bill have gone down.

“Kareo was able to take me into the cloud and now I’m happy to say my entire business is there in the cloud, and we’re not slaves to any one location,” Nancy says.

“Our clients are really happy with this, and we look forward to working with Kareo for a very long time.”

To read video and written testimonials from other Kareo clients, visit our Reviews page. Learn how Kareo can streamline your medical billing in this recorded demo video.

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Vote for the July Medical Billing Tip of the Month!

June 27th, 2012 by Joann Doan

Vote for your choice for Medical Billing Tip of the Month now!Once again, it’s your turn to be the judge: You decide the winner for our July Medical Billing Tip of the Month contest! Listed below are the three top tips submitted this month (out of the many great ideas we received!). Just read them over and then post on our Facebook page which number is your choice for Medical Billing Tip of the Month. You can also post your choice in the Comments box here on our blog. Either way, be sure to vote before the deadline of Wednesday, July 11! The winner will receive a $250 American Express Gift Card and the acclaim of their peers. Here are the candidates:

1.    Tip: AR Categorizing Using Batch Number

I make use of the customized reports option in Kareo to pull outstanding claims by category.

The Application:

We use the Batch # field in Kareo to pick a specific category of outstanding claims.

When outstanding claims are analyzed, if the reason is identified to be one of the following:

  • Insurance f/u required
  • Already appealed claims
  • Awaiting EOB
  • Requires client assistance
  • Denial

Then the following trick can be used to pull outstanding claims by category.

The Trick:

Below-mentioned category names can be entered in the Batch # field of the analyzed claim [replacing the Charge file name]:

For example,

  • Insurance f/u required – INS F/U
  • Already appealed claims – APPEALED CLAIMS
  • Awaiting EOB – AwEOB
  • Requires client assistance – CLT ASST
  • Denial – DNL

Note: The original Charge file name can be copied in the business notes field for future reference of such claims.

The Result:

To pick outstanding claims for a specific category:

Run the Insurance Collection Summary report in Kareo: Reports -> Accounts Receivable -> Insurance Collections Summary

Then click the “Customize” button and enter specific “Category name” on Batch # field & generate the report:

Use the customized reports option in Kareo to pull outstanding claims by category - Medical Billing Tip of the Month Candidate 1

Then Click OK . Outstanding Claims by category will be reflected on the report. Please refer to output screenshot below:

Use the customized reports option in Kareo to pull outstanding claims by category - Medical Billing Tip of the Month Candidate 1

This method has helped me a lot while categorizing outstanding claims and I hope it will be useful for every user.

2.    Use Your Mouse with Your Left Hand

My tip is a real simple one, but it will significantly increase your data entry speed:  Teach yourself and your staff to use the mouse with the left hand.  Medical billers use the number key pad often and not having to leave it to use the mouse increases one’s speed.  At first it was a little awkward, but now everyone in the office is so much faster and comfortable with using the left hand.

3.    Use Procedure Macros to Streamline the Charge Process

We have an option in Kareo called a “Procedure Macro” which we can to use to do our CHARGE process easily. Here’s how it’s done: For some kinds of procedures, we need to enter multiple CPT’s in a single encounter. If we set up the Procedure Macro for that particular database, we can enter the multiple procedures in a single entry.

For example, a neurologist may do nerve block injections; if they are doing 5 units for nerve block injections, we have to enter the CPT 64450 with modifiers RT, LT and 59 multiple times. In this case we can set up the procedure macro in Kareo, so that whenever these codes are marked by the doctor, in a single entry the entire procedure will be populated in the Kareo encounter along with CPT, Modifier and DX codes. Therefore, a lot of time will be saved while doing charges and it will be accurate.

How to set up Procedure Macros in Kareo:

Go to Kareo Settings tab ->  Procedure Macros -> Create New

You can name the procedure macro as the type of procedure and update the doctor’s name in the provider field; then you can give the description of the procedure macro, and finally you can update the list of procedures: Modifier 1, Modifier2, Units, DX, etc.

For example, if we set up the macro for nerve block injections, we need to create the table below:

Use an option in Kareo called a “Procedure Macro” to do your CHARGE process with multiple codes easily - Medical Billing Tip of the Month Candidate 2

You can create additional procedure macros and save time on multiple procedures.

Which tip is your top choice? Vote now on our Facebook page or in the Comments box on this blog. You have until Wednesday, July 11, to vote! We’ll announce the winner in our July newsletter.

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New Release: Kareo iPhone App, Enhanced Audit Trails, and Easier Claims Printing

June 25th, 2012 by Joann Doan

Kareo released an update on Friday, June 22, that included several enhancements, plus a new feature we’re especially excited about: a new Kareo iPhone app to view appointments. Additional Kareo enhancements will make it easier to manage your practice and your claims workflow.

The Kareo iPhone App

The new Kareo iPhone app allows you to view appointments made in Kareo on the iPhoneIn a recent provider survey, the top mobile feature requested was the ability to view appointments made in Kareo on the iPhone.  The Kareo team immediately began working on an app that will do just that.

Available now in the App Store, the Kareo app lets providers view the patient schedule in the palm of their hands.

Kareo customers who download and log in to the app will see the following information:

  • All appointments scheduled for the day for a specific provider
  • Patient name, age, and phone number associated with the appointment
  • Time of the visit and length of the appointment slot
  • Reason for the visit
  • Patient status including scheduled, checked-in, and cancelled
  • Appointment notes and patient alerts

How do you get the Kareo app and what type of device does it work with?

  • You’ll need to be on either the Kareo Complete or Max plan and use the scheduling tool for patient appointments.
  • You’ll need either an iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 5.0 or later.
  • You’ll need to download the app from the App Store and install the app on your iPhone or iPod touch.
  • Once installed on your iPhone/iPod touch, use your Kareo user name and password to login and you’ll be in business!

Introducing a Master Audit Log and Audit Log Enhancements

For the third release in a row, new audit log capabilities have been added to Kareo. First, you will notice a new “Log” tab on the Provider, Claims, and Users screens.  Within the Log tab, the user, date, and time of key actions taken within the Provider, Claims, and Users screens will be recorded.

The Master Audit Log is a new, centralized audit tool allowing administrative users to search for any audit record within the Patient records, Encounter records, Provider records, Claims records and/or User records.   This is a great tool for finding out things like which user changed a patient’s last name or if there was any record of a claim being deleted for a particular patient.

There are a couple things about audit logs you should keep in mind.  First, the new audit features will start tracking activity as of the date of the release.  Since this release added the log to the Provider screen, then changes made on this screen will be tracked beginning today.  Don’t be alarmed if you try to look back six months from today and you don’t see anything.  Secondly, to access the new master audit log, go to the Reports menu.  A “Master Audit Log” permission is required for a user to view the master audit log screen.

For more information on the audit log, go to the Help Center and type “audit log” in the search.

Workflow Improvements – Printing UB and CMS Claims

Batch Print by Claim FormatFor practices that use both the CMS-1500 and UB-04 formats, the new batch claims printing process will save considerable time.  Instead of having to print claims by insurance plan, the new feature groups all claims of a given format together and initiates the printing process.   This will also help you reduce the risk of missing specific claims or having to print one claim at a time.

For practices that use both the CMS-1500 and UB-04 formats, the new batch claims printing process will save considerable time.

The new claim type option is now available on the Print Paper Claims screen as seen above.

For more information, check-out the Print Paper Claims how-to article on the Help Center.

Advanced Printer Alignment Settings – New settings have been added to give you the ability to set three printer alignment settings.  There are separate settings for CMS-1500 printing, UB-04 printing, and general printing functions like reports, receipts, etc…  These settings are specific to each practice within your Kareo account.

New settings have been added to give you the ability to set three printer alignment settings.

To access the new printer alignment settings, go to the Settings menu.  Select Options and you will see Change Printer Alignment at the bottom of the menu.

Other Fixes

For additional tweaks made in Kareo for the June release, plus Help Center Updates, see our complete Release Notes.

At Kareo, we continue working hard to make medical billing easy for you. Customer feedback drives our service and ensures we build the features that matter most to people like you, so your input is critical to us. Please submit your suggestions, challenges and ideas for our next release here – Give Feedback.

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HIPAA Version 5010 Compliance: Kareo Users Are Ready, Are You?

June 21st, 2012 by Joann Doan

The 5010 compliance delay ends June 30, and all practices must be using the new format as of July 1The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS) HIPAA 5010 deadline extension has given us time, but now the extension is over. On June 30, the CMS enforcement delay ends. As of July 1, you’ll need to know that your claims are processing accurately and efficiently. Even though CMS has delayed the 5010 compliance deadline twice now, the Office of E-health Standards and Services (OESS) retains discretionary authority over enforcement. We can’t expect another deadline extension.

Progress, Yes, But How Much?

After announcing the latest delay on March 15, CMS reported that health plans, clearinghouses, providers and software vendors were making steady progress in the implementation of the Version 5010 format. At the time of the release, the Medicare Fee-For-Service (MFFS) program was reporting 70% of its Part A claims and 90% of its Part B claims were successfully received in 5010. Commercial plans were reporting similar success, but how much progress has been made since CMS’ announcement? Is your organization ready?

Kareo 5010 Support Ahead of the Curve

At the beginning of this year, as noted in CMS’ comment about software vendors, Kareo began using HIPAA Version 5010. All Kareo medical billing software products, from our entry-level Kareo Basic to the full-featured Kareo Max are successfully submitting claims in the new format. In fact, in Nov/Dec of 2011, anticipating the previous deadline, Kareo offered a 5-page compliance checklist so that current Kareo users could prepare their data for the deadline. These handy, step-by-step instructions helped Kareo customers ensure that their practices would avoid claim rejections and minimize errors.

Kareo’s Steps to 5010 Compliance

Despite the CMS enforcement delay to June 30, Kareo is sending 100% of its claims transactions to its clearinghouses in the Version 5010 format, and these claims are processing without 5010 format-based rejections. In order for Kareo users to utilize the 5010-compliant features, several data updates should have been performed:

  • Data fields for practice, provider, and service location addresses should be updated from the 5-digit format to the 9-digit format
  • All addresses using Post Office Boxes must be updated to physical addresses
  • Practices that receive payments to PO Boxes or lock boxes must update to physical addresses

For additional information, watch Mel Aclaro’s informative step-by-step videos on how to make these changes. Visit this page to find out more about what Kareo has done to be 5010-compliant and to find exhaustive resources for your 5010 questions.

Enhanced Products, Enhanced Support

All of this really begs the question, is your medical billing software HIPAA Version 5010-compliant? Can you test your 5010 compliance now, and know that on June 30 your claims will not be delayed or rejected? Kareo’s seamless implementation of Version 5010 is just one more example of our ongoing, behind-the-scenes updates to our products. Over the last year we’ve continued to improve Kareo’s value by adding enhanced claim and code scrubbing, automatic phone call reminders, enhanced audit logs, simplified setup wizards, new setup checklists and more.

If you haven’t considered Kareo, isn’t now the time? Join us for a live demo webinar on Tuesday, June 26, to hear how Kareo can streamline your medical billing. Register now.

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Your Best Medical Billing Tip Could Win You $250 in Our Monthly Contest!

June 19th, 2012 by Joann Doan

Enter our July Medical Billing Tip of the Month contest, and you could win $250The winner of our June “Billing Tip of the Month” was Cari McCormick, CPMA, of Resolutions Billing & Consulting. Read the winning tip now.

It will soon be time to choose our July Medical Billing Tip of the Month, and we wanted to remind you to submit your best billing ideas so you have a chance to win $250. You have great odds — every month, we’ll select one tip (or two!) that offers the most upside for practices trying to improve their collections and bottom line, and the winner will receive an American Express gift card for $250.

And remember, you choose the winner: We’ll post the top 3 entries on our Facebook page, and you can vote on the one you think is best! Don’t miss your chance to vote for the Billing Tip of the Month!

Once the winner is selected, we’ll publish your tip on our website and our monthly e-newsletter and give you credit with a byline that includes your name and company. So you not only win a prize, you’ll also get free publicity for your billing service or practice in front of thousands of providers and colleagues.

To enter, just send an email to Marketing@Kareo.com and describe your billing tip in 500 words or less. Include any experience and results you’ve had with using this tip, and that will enhance your chances of winning. The tip can include processes, forms, better ways to utilize Kareo features…the field’s wide open. The tip does NOT have to involve Kareo necessarily; we just want to tell our customers how to improve their billing and bring more to the bottom line.

To enter for the month of July, please submit your tip by Tuesday, June 26, 2012.

We look forward to reading your tips and awarding the prize. Good luck!

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