Time to Vote for the December Medical Billing Tip of the Month!

November 30th, 2012 by Joann Doan

It’s that time again! We need you to judge our monthly Medical Billing Tip of the Month contest. Listed below are the three top tips submitted this month (out of the many great ideas we received!). Just read them over and then post on our Facebook page which number is your choice for Medical Billing Tip of the Month. You can also post your choice in the Comments box here on our blog. Either way, be sure to vote before the deadline on Thursday December 6th! The winner will receive a $250 American Express Gift Card and the acclaim of their peers. Here are the candidates:


  1. Have the front desk obtain complete demographic and insurance information from the patient.
    1. When the patient hands in the paperwork or even an updated insurance card to verify that all information is accurate.
    2. Obtain a copy of the insurance card and driver’s license.
    3. Check eligibility on the patient before their visit.
  2. Obtain the patients social security number.
    1. It makes it easier on the collection agencies to go after unpaid balance from the patient when having the social security number.
    2. Let the patient know that their patient information is covered under the HIPAA guidelines.
  3. Collect co pays, deductibles and coinsurances at time of service.
    1. This will decrease the patient account receivables and patient statements.
    2. Have check in collect before services are rendered.
  4. Send out claims daily to insurance carriers
    1. Once charges are entered that day, claims should be sent out electronically.
    2. Make sure all payers are set up to go electronic.
    3. Faster the claims go out, the quicker the money comes in.
    4. Stay away from paper claims if possible, slower turnaround.
  5. Accounts Receivables for Insurances follow up
    1. Have the medical billers follow up on claims by the timely filing on their insurances.
    2. Have the 90-120 days worked first, to eliminate the timely filing limits.
    3. Call insurances on unpaid claims, don’t assume they didn’t receive claim and refile..

Following these processes and be proactive should be a smooth sailing for any physician office!!!

Tip #2: Sending NDC information with claims

These are very important because there won’t be any reimbursement for vaccines whether it’s VFC or purchased by the clinic if this is undocumented electronically or on paper. I hope this helps tremendously and promotes an increase in revenue since vaccine prices are increasing and payment for services are decrease. Insurance companies send letters regarding dirty claims with “J” procedure code(s) or vaccine code (s) when the NDC information wasn’t added or documented correctly. To add/correct claims:

  • ”Scroll down the page under “Edit Encounter” in Kareo,
  • Click the “Miscellaneous (CMS-1500)” arrows to view “E-claim Note Type” at the bottom of the page,
  • Click the drop down arrow beside “None” and,
  • Select “Additional Information” and the section below opens up to type or copy and paste it in this format e.g. “Hepatitis A NDC 12345-678-900, IM, 0.5 ml”,
  • “Save and Rebill” or “Approve” it afterwards so that it will be there forever and submit the claim.

For paper CMS-1500 claims and/or claims that have to be mailed use this format “NDC 12345-678-900 Hepatitis A Intramuscular ML05″ without the N4 qualifier and it’s similar to the e-claims example.

  • TIP: Adding the “sticky note” application that is imbedded in most computers is helpful to copy and paste if it’s not documented in the SOAP notes or on the encounter form!

If an EOB or ERA is received and the code is denied or rejected based on the NDC information and you are sure it is in the “Miscellaneous” section just verify the format is correct, BUT BEFORE you rebill it:

  •  Look at the section where it shows “Submit Reason” under the “Miscellaneous” arrows,
  • Choose number “7″ for outpatient offices and type in the claim number; for UnitedHealthcare it starts with “ML…” for BCBS it is the first set of numbers in the third column “Claim Number”.
  • Most claim numbers usually start with capital letters but can also be all numbers too for all insurance companies.

Tip #3: Use Kareo AR Report as a tool for tracking issues

So many medical practices are overbooked, have many people doing the same role, may have an outside company handling the billing and need to know where they stand each month with both  patient and insurance receivables.  Sometimes the role spans across multiple internal and external people so communication is critical in keeping the AR as clean as possible each month.

My company has found that using the Kareo AR detail report and then exporting it to excel is a great tool in tracking issues as well as communicating action items.

  1. We take the report, export it and then add columns and manipulate the data into working categories.
  2. We can add comments, assign the owner to the issue and then track its resolution.
  3. When everyone is on the same page and has accountability the job will always get done in a timely manner.  We are the owners of the spreadsheet, the communicators of the action items and the ones who follow up on all of the outstanding AR items each month with each team member.

The ultimate goal is to have a good tracking tool and to make sure all of the key players have the information they need to fix the problem.  Once the issue is resolved on the spreadsheet, it is then updated, corrected and/or posted in Kareo.  These reports are run each month to show what has been resolved but to also start working on any new issues that have come up.

I hope this report is useful to others and that you will try and work a process around these Aging reports so that you can stay on top of issues before they pass the timely filing requirements or the too late to re-file, etc.

Which tip is your top choice? Vote now on our Facebook page or in the Comments box on this blog. You have until Thursday December 6th, to vote! We’ll announce the winner in our December newsletter.


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Release of New A/R Aging Report and Other Features Improves Medical Billing

November 20th, 2012 by Kareo

On Friday, November 16, your Kareo medical billing software account was upgraded to the latest version. The new Accounts Receivable Aging Report continues to be refined, thanks to our Kareo customer community.

A/R Aging Report
Last month we launched our new A/R report with an updated look and feel.  This month we expanded the export capability from the new report.  We also added the ability to drill-down into report details from within the report.

Enhanced AR Aging Reoprt Improves Medical Billing

In addition to the new A/R Aging report, there have beem several other key updates to the software as well as great Help Center Updates, all designed to help streamlline your practice management. For more details on the latest release of Kareo, read the full release notes.

At Kareo, we continue working hard to make medical billing easy for you. Customer feedback drives our service and ensures we build the features that matter most to people like you, so your input is critical to
us. Please submit your suggestions, challenges, and ideas for our next release here – Give Feedback.

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Medical Billing Tip of the Month – November

November 14th, 2012 by Kareo

Our judges (you) have spoken, and we have our Medical Billing Tip of the Month for November. We received a terrific volume of votes! Thank you to everyone who voted on our blog and Facebook. The winner of our Medical Billing Tip of the Month contest this month is…

Billing Tip #3:

3. Creating Cases for Authorization

In Psychiatry specialty, most of the procedure codes would require Authorization, especially from Medicaid, Sierra and Amerigroup insurances. There is an option in Kareo to update the Authorization information alright, but a little more enhancement that I described below will ease the process of submitting the claims with appropriate authorization without any hindrance.

- Create separate cases for each CPT code that require authorization. For eg., if a patient has CPTs 90806 and 90847, we can create 2 separate cases with the names “90806″ and “90847″

- Whenever a service is performed, it can be entered into their respective cases. In cases where a patient has a month-over-month policy, the case can be named with a suffix, for eg., “90806 – Medicaid”, “90847 – Sierra” and so on

- This will actually eliminate assigning an incorrect authorization# for a CPT

-Also, when a “Patient Insurance Authorization” report is generated, this will give a clear picture of which authorization # is valid for which CPT.

Dan Gillmore

Congratulations Dan! We’re throwing out the challenge to our many other fine billers, billing services and billing managers: Send your tips in, and you could win the $250 prize!

Please be sure to submit your Medical Billing Tip of the Month to Marketing@Kareo.com for inclusion in the next round of judging. We’ll post the top three tips on our Facebook page and on the Kareo blog for your vote! You will win a $250 American Express gift card if your tip is chosen. Good luck!

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November Issue of the Kareo Getting Paid Newsletter Includes Tips on How to Increase Your Revenue & More

November 13th, 2012 by Joann Doan

The November issue of the Kareo Getting Paid newsletter, out this week, features great articles on improving your patient collections and much more. Take a minute to review these useful articles and also be sure to subscribe to the newsletter so you receive it in your inbox automatically. The articles featured include:

Getting Paid Blog
In This Issue / November 2012

Increase Revenue CoinsIncrease Your Revenue Tip #1
Prescription Refills- A Cost or an Asset?

by: Rochelle Glassman

Prescribing is a big deal for practices. Many report the greatest percentage of in-bound phone calls to their practices are prescription related. Either the patient is asking for a refill or pharmacy personnel are seeking approval to fill a script. Have you ever considered how much this process is costing your practice?  Have you ever asked, “How can we be compensated for this time?” Read More

ICD-10 and Coverage Determinations

One of the big questions in physicians’ minds is: How will ICD-10-CM potentially affect coverage? During the CMS ICD-10 National Provider Call, Janet Anderson Brock, director of the division of operations and information management for the coverage and analysis group at CMS, discussed this. Read More

Your 2013 Medicare Fee Schedule To- Do List

Now that the 2013 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule has been finalized, here are three things you will want to put on your to-do list to make sure your practice is ready to go for 2013. Read More

Medical Office Software Guide
This guide provides tools and information you need to make the right decision. Free Download

Light Bulb 3 Ways to Increase RevenueEducational Webinar:
3 Ways to Increase Revenue by 25%

Wednesday, November 15, 2012
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM PDT
Rochelle Glassman, President & CEO of Phoenix Physician Services.

Register Now

This powerful, practical webinar will show you three methods your medical practice or billing company can start using today to increase revenue.

Billing Tip
Creating Cases for Authorization

Dan Gillmore

Kareo Demo Webinar Registration Demo Webinar Registration

Top News & Ideas from Industry

The Medicare SGR Decision and Its Impact on Your Practice
It’s time to come to a final resolution on the Medicare SGR so physicians can stop worrying and start planning for the future.
Physicians Practice,  – 10/26/2012

AMA Responds to Final Medical Fee Schedule Rule
“The American Medical Association (AMA) is pleased that CMS included some of our key recommendations in the final Medicare fee schedule rule.”
AMA, 11/01/2012

Final 2013 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule
Download the 2013 physician fee schedule directly from CMS.
CMS, 11/01/2012

KLAS: Provider Dissatisfaction with HIE Vendors Increasing
Provider organizations are losing faith in their health information exchange vendors, a survey of 200 providers by research firm KLAS Enterprises reveals.
HealthData Management, 11/6/2012

Post-Election Priorities
AAFP, AMA: SGR fix, access, workforce issues, liability reform should be post-election priorities
ModernMedicine, 11/07/2012

Kareo in the News
How Can You Improve ASC Coding and Billing? 5 Experts Weigh In

Kareo joins for other leaders in healthcare to talk about ways to improve medical coding and billing.
Becker’s ASC, 10/2012

Changing the Odds of Patient Collections
Health Management Technology features Kareo’s patient collections insights in October issue.
Health Management Technology, 10/2012

We hope you enjoy this issue of the newsletter. Be sure to subscribe now to the Kareo Getting Paid newsletter in order to insure you receive future issues.


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Complimentary Webinar: Increase Your Medical Practice Revenue by 25%

November 7th, 2012 by Kareo

Thursday, November 15, 2012
1:00 PM EDT/10:00 AM PDT
Speaker: Rochelle Glassman

Increase Revenue by 25%

You can’t miss this practical webinar on 3 ways to increase your medical practice revenue. At this event, you’ll:

  1. Uncover 3 areas that plague most practices and are missed opportunities for revenue.
  2. See what has happened in medical practices that have taken action to make changes.
  3. Get step-by-step instructions you can use in your practice today.
  4. Discuss the expected outcomes.

Register now to learn how toincrease your practice revenue by 25%

Who Should Attend
Private practice owners, office managers, billing managers, billers, billing service owners and others concerned about improving medical practice revenue.

About Your Speaker:
Rochelle Glassman

Rochelle Glassman

Our guest speaker is Rochelle Glassman, a passionate advocate for physicians and medical practices who has devoted her career to helping doctors get paid. Rochelle is the President & CEO of Phoenix Physician Services, and is a nationally recognized healthcare consultant known for her candor, tenacity, and vision.

Register now to learn how toincrease your practice revenue by 25%

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