Clinic Has 13% Increase in Charges Per Patient

March 28th, 2013 by Kareo

Davenport Medical Clinic in Davenport, Oklahoma isn’t exactly a new practice but it is certainly close enough. After being closed for four years, the practice was purchased by a small group of investors in June 2011. While they were eager to make the business a success, and they had extensive experience in marketing and management, none of them had medical practice management experience.

They focused on hiring staff with strong qualifications. “We hired an experienced physician, a nurse, and great front desk staff,” explains Steve Marcus, Operations Manager and one of the co-owners. “We also had some consulting support as we were getting started.” They did an analysis and opted to outsource their billing instead of hiring an additional staff member.

In less than a year, it became clear that there were problems with their billing. “We realized that payments weren’t getting posted when we would call patients to follow up and they would tell us that they had made the payment months before,” recalls Steve. “Our denials were really high and our A/R was a mess.” The owners decided that they would have to make a change and quickly.

“Once we started with the Kareo Billing Services, we saw immediate improvements,” explains Steve. “We setup weekly meetings to talk about how things were going. I had heard stories about problems and delays when changing to a new billing service, but we had an increase in collections in the first month.” Davenport’s collections have increased an average of 13% a month since Kareo Billing Service took over billing.

The practice also saw an increase in charges per patient, a reduction in average days in A/R, and a decrease in denials of 48%, along with many other benefits. The Kareo Billing Services team is continuing to work with Davenport to improve their processes and find ways to increase revenue.

To find out more about Davenport Medical Clinic’s experience with Kareo Billing Services, read the complete case study.

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Learn How Kareo EHR Makes Documentation Easy

March 20th, 2013 by Kareo

Discover the EHR Built with Small Practices in Mind.

Join Tom Giannulli, MD, MS, and Chief Medical Information Officer at Kareo, as he discusses how intuitive and easy-to-use the Kareo EHR is because it was designed to fit the needs of small practices like yours. During this free demo on Tuesday, March 26 at 1:00 PM EST, you’ll find out how the Kareo EHR:

  • Easily fits the way that you work
  • Doesn’t interfere with the way you engage with patients
  • Improves patient care
  • And, did we mention it’s FREE!

Discover the Kareo EHR Built with Small Practices in Mind

With Kareo, you get a full featured, top of its class EHR solution at no cost, with no contracts or upgrades required. Why would we give it away? Find out by joining us at our next demonstration. There will be plenty of time for live Q&A with Dr. Tom, too. Register now.

Register now for this Kareo EHR demo webinar to discover the EHR built with small practices in mind

Please note that this webinar is designed for those who are not currently using Kareo EHR but are interested in learning more. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. Space is limited, so reserve your webinar seat now.

Register now for this Kareo EHR demo webinar to discover the EHR built with small practices in mind

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Improvements to Kareo Practice Management

March 19th, 2013 by Kareo

On Friday, March 15, your Kareo Practice Management (PM) account was upgraded to the latest version. This month, the main focus was adding a feature that will help you tackle the ever growing patient-due receivables and save you time when printing patient statements.

New Features & Enhancements

  • Batch Statement Processing: Your Kareo PM now has the ability to print patient statements across multiple patients at the same time. We know this has been a highly requested feature and hope it will help streamline your processes.
  • Payer Denial Remarks in Claim Transaction History: After a payment is posted, the denial remark code will be shown in the appropriate line item in the claim transaction history.
  • Linking Provider and User Accounts: We simplified the process to create a new user from the New Provider and Edit Provider screens.
  • Fixes: There are eight other items we corrected during this release cycle. Check out the full release notes for more information.

batch patient statement printing in Kareo

Looking Ahead
As we look to the next major additions to Kareo PM, the hottest item on our list right now is batch eligibility verification. The idea around batch eligibility is to take the patients scheduled for appointments and automatically check eligibility on all of them prior to the patient presenting at the office. We are aiming for an April release of this feature and will keep you posted on our progress.

For more on these new features and enhancements or our plans for future development, read the full release notes.

Missed Last Month’s Release Notes?
You can access this month’s full release notes and previous months’ release notes in the Help Center.

At Kareo, we continue working hard to make running your medical practice(s) as easy for you as possible. Customer feedback drives our service and ensures we build the features that matter most to you, so your input is critical to us. Please submit your suggestions, challenges and ideas for our next release here – Give Feedback.

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Complimentary Webinar: Medical Practice Marketing for Profitability

March 13th, 2013 by Kareo

Wednesday, March 20, 2013
1:00 PM EDT/10:00 AM PDT
Speakers: Judy Capko & Laurie Morgan 

Is your practice facing increasing competition? You’re not alone! Consolidation, higher health plan premiums, and big changes from the Affordable Care Act mean most practices are facing more challenges than ever in attracting, retaining, and satisfying patients. It’s not easy … but, with great challenges come great opportunities. By learning how medical practice marketing can positively impact your practice – and how every aspect of your practice can help you market better – you’ll be ready to take advantage the flux in the market to grow your practice and be more profitable. Join Judy Capko and Laurie Morgan of Capko & Company, as they help you:

  • Expand your understanding of marketing: it’s much more than promotion and selling!
  • Understand the lifetime value principle
  • Identify and serve your different customer bases – online and off
  • Build a marketing plan that blends the best of old-school and new-school techniques
  • And more

Register today!  You don’t want to miss this.

Who Should Attend
Private practice owners, physicians, practice managers, office managers and others concerned about improving medical practice revenue.

Register now to learn about the benefits of medical practice marketing

About Your Speakers:

Judy Capko & Laurie Morgan

Judy Capko and Laurie Morgan are practice management and healthcare industry consultants with Capko & Company. Judy is the author of Secrets of the Best-Run Practices, a best-seller in the healthcare market. Her consulting focus is on building patient-centered strategies, improving leadership and valuing staff’s contribution. Laurie Morgan managed both start-ups and large-scale operations in the media industry before turning her focus to medical practice management. Her consulting focus is on driving and capturing revenue and operating more efficiently. Laurie has an MBA from Stanford University.

Register now to learn about the benefits of medical practice marketing

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Couldn’t Make It to HIMSS? Here Are a Few Takeaways…

March 12th, 2013 by Kareo

At HiMSS last week, folks from Kareo attended sessions and talked to other attendees about the new Kareo EHR. There were a lot of great sessions that were full of interesting information about the future of healthcare and healthcare information technology. Here are a few of the most impactful statements we heard:

  • In a recent study conducted by AmericanEHR, 39% of respondents said that they would not recommend their EHR to other providers and 38% said they wouldn’t purchase their EHR again.
  • Why? For many it is dissatisfaction with features and ease of use.
  • Nancy Staggers, Professor of Informatics at the University of Maryland agrees and said that workflow is the number pain point for providers
  • Staggers also said that vendors are working based on myths around providers tech savvy and needs. So vendors need to work more closely with clinicians to develop more useable solutions
  • In his keynote Eric Topol, MD said “The blockbuster drug of the century is an engaged patient.”
  • And it is about more than meeting the requirements of Meaningful Use Stage 2. Engaging patients can help make patients healthier, reducing healthcare costs. Edward Fotsch MD Chief Executive Officer, PDR Network believes that patient portals are an opportunity and are at the center of more patient‐centric care and health.
  • Eric Manley, eHealth System Manager at the The Mayo Clinic said that the key to success for Mayo is to make it “meaningful” to the patient…engage the patient where and when it fits.
  • Rick Krohn and David Metcalf who collaborated on a book about Mhealth last year define Mhealth as delivery of healthcare services via mobile communications devices. It is more about creating an ecosystem (sensors, apps, knowledge acquisition, storage, analysis) that is approachable to patients.
  • Mhealth is already a player in patient engagement with 75 health-related apps released in the last 2 years.
  • And today, 100% of physicians have a mobile device of some kind and insurance companies are paying for e-visits.
  • Paul Begalia, a political analyst with CNN, summed up a few key points in his presentation. The cultural landscape of America is changing. You have to be able to change with it to engage people.

For more on the daily events and activities that took place at HiMSS 2013, visit the HiMSS Online Daily.

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