Time to Vote for the June Medical Billing Tip of the Month!

May 30th, 2013 by Joann Doan

medical billing tip of the month, medical billing software, medical office software, kareoIt’s that time again! We need you to judge our monthly Medical Billing Tip of the Month contest. Listed below are the three top tips submitted this month (out of the many great ideas we received!). Just read them over and then post on our Facebook page which number is your choice for Medical Billing Tip of the Month. You can also post your choice in the Comments box here on our blog. Either way, be sure to vote before the deadline on Friday, June 7th! The winner will receive a $250 American Express Gift Card and the acclaim of their peers. Here are the candidates:

Tip #1: Appointment reminders

Recent studies by the American Journal of Medicine, suggests that patients may be more likely to show up for their appointments if they get a telephone call from the office.

Studies reported approximately 23.1% of patients who received no reminder call missed their appointments while the number went down to 13.6 % if an actual staff member made the call.

Yet, we hear it all the time – “office is too busy to fit these calls into our busy schedule”, which means that sometimes they don’t happen at all.

Using technology to its fullest potential will make repetitive tasks easy to handle and cost effective.  Kareo’s automated call appointment reminder as well as the email reminder system can quickly help reduce the number of missed appointments.  Remember – A missed appointment is also a loss of income.

Using these features will not only increase revenue, but will also help with retention of patients, reduce the number of manpower hours and improve efficiency in the office.

Tip #2: Quick tip to track AR and Encounters by Month.

Use a Batch # when entering encounters to track unpaid claims easier.

For example if you use batch #: JUN 2013 for all the June claims that you enter, you can then run an unpaid claims report by Batch, JUN 2013 and see just those claims that are unpaid from June, regardless of when they were re-billed etc. Also, if you would like a quick glance at how many encounters you entered in a particular month you can go to Find Encounters, Look for: Jun 2013 in field Batch ID and you will get a list of those encounters. At the bottom of the screen you will get a count for example : Showing 1-20 of 52. This way you have a quick count of the number of encounters you performed for that month.
Tip #3: Communicate

Communicating wisely with your patients will ensure they are knowledgeable regarding your billing practices and their own insurance policy.  One of the most frustrating situations for a patient is when they think there treatment is covered and they receive a bill in the mail.  More and more I am finding patients that do not understand their own insurance plan.  I have developed an insurance form that helps break down a patients insurance by its physical therapy benefits.  This way the patient has that information up front and at the time of service.  In addition, posting the forms of payment as well as our payment expectations, in an easily visible place, is key.

Which tip is your top choice? Vote now on our Facebook page or in the Comments box on this blog. You have until Friday, June 7th, to vote! We’ll announce the winner in our June newsletter.

Happy voting!

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Enhancements to Kareo EHR Scheduling & Reporting

May 23rd, 2013 by Kareo

On Wednesday, May 22, your Kareo EHR account was upgraded to the latest version. This month, we are excited to introduce new enhancements to the schedule, updates to CPT codes, and expanded access to clinical quality measures reporting.

  • View & Schedule Appointments 24 Hours a Day: Your Kareo EHR now allows you to view your Calendar and schedule appointments from 12:00 am (midnight) to 11:59 pm. This provides more flexibility for practices that open early or provide services at night such as sleep centers. Read More
  • Update to Mid-2013 CPT Codes: We have updated the Kareo EHR with the latest set of CPT Codes, which are mandated for use beginning in July 2013. The full list of these codes is described in the full release notes. Read More
  • Expanded CQM Reports Now Available: With this release, you can instantly analyze the progress your practice is making toward satisfying clinical quality measures (CQM). Expanded reporting dashboards display the individual quality measure, the patient cohorts for each measure, and the numerator/denominator values as recorded within the EHR.  Read More

Kareo EHR offers expanded CQM reporting

Looking Ahead
We are working every day to enhance the Kareo EHR and we feel it is important to give you insight into the big projects we are working on. To access this information, please visit our EHR features roadmap web page. It lists projects we are working on between now and the fall. It also gives you a chance to share with us your suggestions. And, you can also subscribe to a special Kareo EHR roadmap enhancements email list for routine updates.

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New Enhancements to Kareo Practice Management

May 20th, 2013 by Kareo

On Friday, May 17, your Kareo Practice Management (PM) account was upgraded to the latest version. This month, we focused on upgrades to permissions along with a few other improvements.

Enhancements to Permissions 

  • Separate Permission for Reporting Dashboard: Reporting Dashboard (Reports > Key Indicators > Reporting Dashboard) permission is now its own individual permission setting in User Accounts. The default permission for each user account now mirrors the account’s permission for AR Aging Summary. Read More
  • Clear Permissions for User during Deactivation: User Accounts management now provides the ability to completely clear all feature and practice permissions settings. Read More

Enhancements to permissions in Kareo Practice Management

Time Zone Indication Added to Audit Log
Wherever the time is displayed in the audit logs, there is now a time zone indication as well. The column header for the timestamp will include the name of the time zone (e.g., Eastern Time, Central Time, Mountain Time, or Pacific Time). Read More

More Fixes & Resources
Several additional fixes were made in Kareo in May, which you can review in the full release notes. In addition, you’ll find information on future plans for improvements and links to additional resources. Read More

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Prevent Practice Fusion Insurance File Duplicates

May 15th, 2013 by Kareo

Prevent Insurance File Duplicates

On Thursday, May 16, a new software release is planned by Practice Fusion. It is expected that this release contains a new insurance company file that may cause a one-time issue of duplicate insurance records in Kareo.

Currently, when an encounter in Practice Fusion is sent to Kareo, Kareo software analyzes several fields to determine if the insurance company already exists or is new. If it is determined that the insurance company exists, the existing insurance company record is utilized. If it is determined the insurance company is new, an additional insurance company record is created.

Practice Fusion is working to clean up its list of insurance companies which is positive for ongoing billing. With the change, though, new or modified insurance company records in the Practice Fusion file may result in some duplicate insurance company records being created in your Kareo system.

To prevent this from happening, you should follow the instructions in the link below to match any changes in the Practice Fusion file with existing records in Kareo.

Click here for the Insurance Company Mapping how-to-article.

If you have questions or need additional assistance, Kareo’s support team is ready to help.

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Clinic Sees Steady Increase in Revenue with Kareo Billing Services

May 15th, 2013 by Kareo

Kareo Billing Services Helps Right Start Pediatric Therapies

Taso Michalopulos, MS, CCC-SLP/L, is the owner and founder of Right Start Pediatric Therapies. He began as an independent speech therapist in 2003 and has steadily grown his practice since then. He has always been focused on the mission and looked to someone else to manage his billing. After his first biller retired, he hired another service, and it didn’t go well.

“They were only billing once a month and the denial rate must have been around 30% with poor follow-up,” he says. “I wouldn’t get payments for four to six months, and in some cases it was as long as eight months.” In February, 2013 he was still waiting for payments on claims the service had billed on October, 2012. He eventually  found out there were some mistakes made in billing at that time that have resulted in a number of rejections for claims that will not get paid at all.

Taso wanted to grow his business and open up opportunities to make more money, but he realized he was losing a lot of money with his biller. The situation would not support his goals. He starting looking for a new option. “I decided I didn’t just want a service that used their own software and could keep my data from me,” he says. “I wanted to choose a quality billing system and hire someone who would use my software to do the billing.” He asked Kareo if they could recommend someone and they offered him a 30-day free trial on their new Billing Services.

Taso has been thrilled. “The payments are coming in steadily now. We have about $15,000 more in our bank account now than we ever had with our old biller, and we are paying off our line of credit.” His revenue has increased steadily each month, and he is quickly achieving his financial goals, which will allow him to continue building his business.

Read the full case study for more on how Kareo Billing Services is helping Taso reach his business goals.

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