We’re Grateful for Your Feedback … Keep It Coming

November 27th, 2013 by Kareo


It’s that time of year when we all think about what we are thankful for. At Kareo, we are grateful for our customers. Not just because you use our products and services, but because you share your feedback with us. We appreciate your input, and it helps us create our product roadmap and make development decisions. Who knows better what our independent practice customers need than you! In fact, your support has helped Kareo become an award winning company, recognized by Black Book as the number one seamlessly integrated practice management, revenue cycle management, and EHR offering.

So please keep your suggestions coming!

Here are few useful links to help you stay up on what we are doing and share your thoughts:

  1. Kareo EHR Development Roadmap
  2. Kareo Feedback Survey

Thanks again for helping to shape the future of Kareo!

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Kareo EHR in Top 100!

November 26th, 2013 by Kareo

Kareo EHR in top 100 There are over 700 certified EHRs on the market today. How do you weed through the noise to find one that fits your needs? We have some suggestions. First look for a solution that is regularly being ranked as one of the best EHRs out there from one of the best and fastest growing companies in health IT.

Kareo beat out 705 companies to make it to number 25 on the Medical Economics list of the top 100 EHRs. Tweet This

The Medical Economics Top 100 EHRs list looks at companies primarily by revenue. Why? Because they believe, “the next market phase will force consolidation or  closure of weaker EHR companies, so monitoring the financial health of these  companies takes on greater significance for physicians.” What is that next phase of the healthcare market? According to Medical Economics, it is likely to be interoperability as healthcare providers need to meet broader regulatory requirements. In a recent Black Book survey that ranked Kareo number 1 for seamlessly integrated practice management, revenue cycle management and EHR, it was clear that practice managers and providers also believe that more tightly integrated solutions are the wave of the future.

Products that can’t offer total integration across the practice or the potential for broader integration in the
industry down the road won’t survive in the years to come!

Kareo is already a seamlessly integrated solution that also offers top-notch billing services. In addition, Kareo is partnered with  a wide range of specialty EHRs and other service providers in the industry. There is an aggressive strategy in place to continue to develop the Kareo products and services, continue to add integration with other products, and to meet the needs of independent practices for years to come. Learn more about what Kareo’s integrated suite of EHR, practice management, and medical billing products and services can do for you.

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Kareo EHR Saves Time AND Money

November 22nd, 2013 by Kareo

Discover the EHR Built with Small Practices in Mind. Tweet This

Join a Kareo EHR expert who will discuss how intuitive and easy-to-use the Kareo EHR is because it was designed to fit the needs of small practices like yours. During this free demo on Tuesday, November 26 at 1:00 PM EST, you’ll find out how the Kareo EHR:

  • Easily fits the way that you work
  • Doesn’t interfere with the way you engage with patients
  • Improves patient care
  • And, did we mention it’s FREE!

Discover the Kareo iPad EHR Built with Small Practices in Mind

With Kareo, you get a full featured, top of its class EHR solution at no cost, with no contracts or upgrades required. Why would we give it away? Find out by joining us at our next demonstration. There will be plenty of time for live Q&A.

Register now for this Kareo EHR demo webinar to discover the EHR built with small practices in mind

Please note that this webinar is designed for those who are not currently using Kareo EHR but are interested in learning more. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. Space is limited, so reserve your webinar seat now.

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Kareo Helps Organization Serve Those In Need

November 21st, 2013 by Kareo

Guilford Youth & Family Services (GY&FS) has been able to reach and exceed its financial goals thanks to Kareo,
allowing them to increase services to those in need.

Kareo helps GY&FS serve those in need

Guilford Youth & Family Services (GY&FS) isn’t a medical practice in the traditional sense. It is a public agency that provides support services to youth and their families. GY&FS receives its primary funding from the Town of Guilford and the State Department of Education. Additional monies are obtained from local, regional and state grants. The organization is then responsible for raising a minimum amount each year through their own billing to insurance payers for services rendered. When Lyne Landry, MA, Director of GY&FS, first started in her position she spent most of her time worrying about that budgeted amount that needed to be billed to payers and received by the agency. It was $80,000 a year, and in her first year they only managed to generate about $35,000. She was concerned they couldn’t meet their requirements to stay open. A consultant recommended Kareo. After going online and looking at Kareo, Lyne decided she liked what she saw. The consultant was able to get GY&FS set up and trained very quickly. “The consultant trained us for about three days,” she says.

“It took us no time at all to get to know how to use Kareo. The whole package was just unbelievable.” Tweet This

“In the first year with Kareo, we met our $80,000 revenue goal,” recalls Lyne. “We held steady at that amount for a couple of years and then we started to exceed our revenue goals.” After meeting or exceeding goals for several years the amount was increased this year to $90,000. “We are already ahead for this year by about 30%,” adds Lyne. “Kareo has absolutely made it possible for us to provide better services because we can meet our revenue goals, we can expand our services and it frees us up for other work we do like prevention work in the schools. We have more time for those activities because we aren’t spending so much time working on our billing,” says Lyne. “This software, compared to others that are out there, is incredible.” Read the full case study on GY&FS to learn more about how Kareo helped this public agency thrive and continue to serve the community and people in need.

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Medical Billing Tip of the Month – November

November 13th, 2013 by Joann Doan

Our judges (you) have spoken, and we have our Medical Billing Tip of the Month for November. We received a terrific volume of votes! Thank you to everyone who voted on our blog and Facebook. It was a close one but the winner of our Medical Billing Tip of the Month contest this month is…


Tip #2: Use Your Kareo Reports to Improve Your Medical Practice(s)

Two great tools for any business to use to improve their productivity are the SWOT analysis and the Gap analysis.  But in the medical office, Kareo reports can make those analyses rock.

Your Kareo reports can help with your SWOT analysis.  They help identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

For the qualified gap analysis auditor, who is also highly knowledgeable with using Kareo reports, the Kareo reports help identify the strengths and weaknesses for each user in your office.  If your patient balances report shows too much aging, this can help the auditor identify the weaknesses either in the front desk collections, or if there are back office posting errors, or payer credentialing issues, and so on.

The payment velocity reports can help identify other credentialing issues, how quickly claims are submitted, coding issues, etc. combined with other reports such as denial reports, productivity & Analysis reports, plus others, can give a picture of each provider and if there are areas that need attention.

Other reports help the auditor to give a more complete gap analysis, making the report of findings a valuable tool for any practice, helping the practice manager, providers, and/or owner correct any of the weaknesses and threats to achieving a healthy practice.

Dan Young, VP Operations
Representing Healthcare Chart Audits, LLC.


Congratulations Dan! You are November’s billing tip winner! We’re throwing out the challenge to our many other fine billers, billing services and billing managers: Send your tips in, and you could win the $250 prize!

Please be sure to submit your Medical Billing Tip of the Month to Marketing@Kareo.com for inclusion in the next round of judging. We’ll post the top three tips on our Facebook page and on the Kareo blog for your vote! You will win a $250 American Express gift card if your tip is chosen.  Who will be December’s billing tip winner?!

Good luck everyone!

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