Free Webinar: Manage Payers to Improve Your Bottom Line

February 28th, 2014 by Kareo

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Managing Payer & Network Contracts to Improve Your Bottom Line
Wednesday, March 5
1:00 PM ET, 10:00 AM PT


Payer and network agreements are the foundation of the bottom line and yet, over the years, contract terms have become elusive and confusing. Payer contracting and credentialing expert Penny Noyes takes away the mystery and fear, walking you through the steps to find contracts and rates, analyze the impact of current and offered fee schedules on your bottom line, model an offer or counter-offer, and determine when/how/why to initiate a contract negotiation.

Register today to learn about:

  1. Gathering your fully executed agreements & rates
  2. Determining when and with which payers/networks to negotiate & initiate
  3. Analyzing & achieving your aggregate financial goal for a given contract negotiation

This event is presented by Kareo and hosted by Medical Economics. To join the conversation, register now.

Register now to learn about managing payers to improve revenue

About the Speaker

Register now to learn how to more effectively manage payersPenny Noyes brings over 36 years of healthcare-related experience to the table. With 18 years on the payer/network side of the industry and 7 years on the practice management side, in 1999 she founded Health Business Navigators (HBN), a firm dedicated to assisting practices with payer contracting and credentialing. From 1995 through 1999, she served as Sr. Vice President of Business Development at U.S.HealthWorks. Prior to that she spent over 11 years at Allmerica Financial, where she became chief operating officer of the managed care division, AMM. And, before Allmerica, Ms. Noyes was with Blue Cross of Massachusetts for over 6 years. She is a regular speaker nationwide for MGMA, DecisionHealth, Specialty Boards, HBMA, Medical Societies and others.

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Kareo Provides New Encounter Options

February 27th, 2014 by Kareo

On Thursday, February 20, your Kareo Practice Management (PM) account was upgraded. This month you’ll find a split default claim format has been added to Kareo PM.

Split Default Claim Format in Encounter Options
To accommodate the addition of the new CMS-1500 v02/12 it was necessary to designate the default form in the Print Paper Claims window. The Default Printing Format setting allows you to set the default Claim Type when printing paper claims to your most commonly used form and version. For more details, read the full release notes.

Read full release notes

Missed Last Month’s Release Notes?

You can access this month’s full release notes and previous months’ release notes in the Help Center at



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10 Tips from Kareo Chat on Growing Your Medical Practice

February 25th, 2014 by Kareo

chat graphicLast Thursday, February 20, Laurie Morgan, Senior Partner at Capko & Morgan, led a #KareoChat centered around tips for growing your medical practice. She was joined by 19 other participants representing many areas of healthcare who also shared their views and ideas. With over 288 tweets, the event was full of helpful hints!

Here are 10 things that were said during the one-hour event that might help you start growing your practice today!


  1. @drtom_kareo: I am a big fan of offering access – concierge type services that are value add and incremental to practice revenue #KareoChat
  2. @turbodean: Follow up on denials right away. Many times they get put in a pile to do later-and later never happens. Like throwing money away #KareoChat
  3. @tedouglasjr:If a practice can find services to offer that are not common in other practices, payers may pay more? #KareoChat
  4. @CapkoandMorgan: Besides negotiating, READ those contracts. The boilerplate often contains stuff payers would remove and that u don’t want! #KareoChat
  5. @HollyCassano: When it comes to plans – you have to dissect the types of plans your contracted with and target accordingly. #KareoChat
  6. @turbodean: Be sure practice-patient expectations are aligned. Dr. hurried, not enough time w/doc, waited too long are common complaints. #KareoChat
  7. @drtom_kareo: Patient base is a function of efficiency, so first step is to adopt best practices to free up calendar and increase capability. #KareoChat
  8. @demandforce: We’ve found that having a portal showing where your appts come in from is helpful in seeing what channels work best for you. #KareoChat
  9. @CapkoandMorgan: Be very grateful to your referral partners! Track referrals and say thank you. #KareoChat
  10. @LeaChatham: For more on building referrals to increase revenue check out upcoming free webinar  #KareoChat

For more great tips from Kareo and industry experts, join our next #KareoChat on Thursday, February 27 at 9 AM PT with @HollyCassano.

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It’s Kareo’s Birthday and 9 Other Cool Facts

February 19th, 2014 by Kareo

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Kareo turned ten this week, but that is just one of the cool things that happened this week in history. Here are 9 other interesting events…

  1. Thomas Jefferson was elected president of the United States
  2. The first Teddy bear went on sale
  3. The US Senate passed the Missouri Compromise
  4. Mark Twain published The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
  5. First Academy Awards were announced
  6. Pluto (the former planet) was discovered
  7. An American orbited the earth for the first time
  8. The US postal service was created
  9. Facebook was born too!

We look forward to another 10 years of helping private practices become best practices! Check out the Kareo story to find out how Kareo has come so far so fast.

Have a Kareo story to share? You can do that in the comments!

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Share Your Thoughts on Health IT

February 18th, 2014 by Kareo

Take the Physicians Practice technology survey

What tech tools are critical to your practice’s success? Which aren’t worth your time or money? Share your opinions and discover what your peers are using through Physicians Practice’s annual Technology Survey, Sponsored by Kareo.

The survey allows Physicians Practice to:

  • Take the pulse of health IT use across the country
  • Get insight into attitudes about health IT
  • Track health IT trends from year to year
  • See what health IT issues are top of mind for today’s physicians

This data is shared with Physicians Practice readers, allowing them to consider broader attitudes and opinions when making their own health IT choices.

“With healthcare technology changing rapidly, it can be hard for today’s physicians—especially those in smaller medical practices—to know what will work best for their office,” said Keith L. Martin, group editorial director for Physicians Practice. “Our annual technology survey lets physicians express their current technology use and future concerns, and also lets them learn what their peers are utilizing as well. Through that shared knowledge, we hope that physicians gain both insight and confidence on finding the right technology for their everyday needs.” Tweet This

The survey runs through March 7. Take the survey now and share your ideas and experiences.


No purchase is necessary. Void where prohibited.

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