#KareoChat Recap: Value-Based Care and ACOs

June 30th, 2015 by Kareo

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Announcing NEW Kareo ICD-10 Trainings!

June 29th, 2015 by Kareo

Kareo has recently released several new, powerful features to simplify and accelerate your transition to ICD-10.

We’ve created three eLearning modules to help you make the most of your new features:

  1. Overview of ICD-10 for providers and billers
  2. Kareo ICD-10 Success Readiness Checklist & Practice Management Features including;
    - ICD-10 Success Dashboard
    - Run reports of your Most Commonly Used Diagnoses Codes
    - Map your top codes using the Diagnosis Crosswalk
    - Dual Coding of Encounters
    - Updating Insurance Company Cutoff DatesNote: this course is also available as a live training session. You have the option of taking the eLearning at your convenience or attend a live training.  Select the Register Now to join a Kareo expert for a scheduled web-based training session, this includes a live Q&A session.
    Kareo ICD-10 features
  3. Kareo ICD-10 EHR Features
    - Dual Coding a Patient’s Chart
    - Dual Coding a Patient’s Note
    - Dual Coding of Superbills

To learn more, visit the Kareo ICD-10 Resource Center or go directly to this training registration page and choose one of the training options in the ICD-10 Training section for more information.

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Discover 4 Steps to ICD-10 Success at this Free Webinar

June 29th, 2015 by Kareo

Register nowICD-10: 4 Steps to Success
Tuesday, June 30. 2015
10:00 AM PT, 1:00 PM ET

Position your practice for ICD-10 success with 4 simple steps. 



ICD-10 is only six months away. Have you put off preparing for ICD-10? If so, you can’t wait any longer. This major change could have an impact on your bottom line. As a small business, you can’t afford not to be prepared. This webinar offers four simple steps to help make the transition easier on your practice.

In this free webinar, ICD-10-CM trainer Michelle Cavanaugh will review:

  1. What ICD-10 is and how it differs from ICD-9
  2. What you should have already done
  3. The 4 steps to help ensure success on October 1

Register Now

About the Speaker

Michelle Cavanaugh, RN, CPC, CANPC, CGIC, CPB, CMRS, is an AHIMA approved ICD-10 trainer, certified coder, certified professional biller, and certified medical reimbursement specialist. She owned her own successful medical billing company with over 60 customers for 16 years. Prior to that she worked as an ICU RN and Nursing Director for two home health agencies. Michelle is a member of AAPC, AHIMA, and AMBA. She graduated with her BSN from the University of Maryland.

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Kareo Enhances ICD-10 Dashboard & Messaging

June 22nd, 2015 by Kareo

On Friday, June 19 Kareo Practice Management was updated to include additional features such updated functionality in the ICD-10 Success Dashboard and Secure Messaging plus the ability to attach multiple Encounters to a Secure Message. Read more below.

ICD-10 Success Dashboard Update
Our ICD-10 Success Dashboard allows your practice to prepare for ICD-10. With this update you can now track how well your practice readiness is going and see calculated results. To find out more, read the full release notes.

Blank Encounter Forms
We now offer two new Blank Encounter Forms to allow you more flexibility with your layout. One form with just a header and one with a header and footer. To view all your available templates please visit our Encounter Forms library on our help center at http://helpresources.kareo.com/help/practice-management/downloads/encounter-forms.

Attach Encounter to Secure Messages
Our Secure Messaging System allows you to easily send messages to your biller and employees all within Kareo. With this latest release you can attach multiple encounters to a Secure Message. To find out more, read the full release notes.

ICD-10 Training
As you prepare for ICD-10, please check out our two e-learning modules to help you make the most of your new features: (1) Overview of ICD-10 and (2) Kareo ICD-10 Success Readiness Checklist & PM Features. Visit the PM Training Registration page and select one of the training options under ICD-10 Training.

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#KareoChat Recap: The Rise of the EHR Replacement Buyer

June 19th, 2015 by Kareo

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