See What the Experts Had to Say on PROMS and Your Practice in Latest #KareoChat

July 29th, 2016 by Kareo

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Share Your Perspectives on Different Practice Models

July 28th, 2016 by Kareo

For the second year in a row, Kareo has partnered with the American Academy of Private Physicians (AAPP) to conduct the Practice Models Perspectives Survey. This survey seeks to gain a better understanding of independent physicians’ perceptions around various payment models, including private pay, concierge, value-based programs, telemedicine, and traditional fee-for-service.

Industry research has shown that many independent physicians are concerned about whether or not they can be adequately prepared from the growing shift to value-based reimbursement. As a result, they are testing or fully transitioning to other options like concierge, direct-pay, and virtual models. For the second year, Kareo has partnered with AAPP to investigate this trend more broadly, seeking to understand the challenges and benefits of each payment structure. Furthermore, this survey seeks to determine if a hybrid practice model, which takes into account various payment models, could solve issues of contention that physicians have with their current practice model.

“Kareo’s mission to help independent practices be successful aligns perfectly with the goal of this survey,” said Tom Blue, Chief Strategy Officer of AAPP. “The information we will gain from this survey is critical in understanding what success looks like for those practices in the coming years.”

“We are very excited to partner with the AAPP again to conduct this survey,” said Rob Pickell, Chief Strategy Officer of Kareo. “It is our hope that Kareo can use the data to help expand our offerings to better support all practice models.”

Healthcare providers and those who manage their practices can access the survey through the following link for a chance to win an Apple Watch, an iPad, or a one year AAPP membership: Private Practice Model Perspective 2016.

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Next #KareoChat: Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) and Your Practice

July 26th, 2016 by Kareo

“Listening to Patients…capturing their voices…where they are… is essential if we are to truly practice person-centered care,” says @cbushrn. “It’s imperative we develop useful tools to capture the real health circumstances our patients are experiencing and to integrate those tools in planning care for the individual in a way which is useful for patients/families AND our practice teams.” Join host @cbushrn and @GoKareo for a #KareoChat on Thursday, July 28 at 9 AM PT to talk about Patient Reported Outcome Measures or PROMS can play a role in creating more person-centered care.



Here are the chat questions to help you prepare your thoughts and join the conversation.

  1. Do you currently use patient-reported outcomes (PROMS) in your practice?
  2. How do you choose which PROMS to track?
  3. How are you tracking PROMS?/What tools are you using to track PROMS?
  4. Have you had any successes using PROMS in practice?
  5. What challenges do you see in tracking and using this data?
  6. Will this help with the transition to value-based reimbursement?

Bring your questions, post them to #KareoChat ahead of time, or tweet them to the host @cbushrn or @GoKareo. Hope to see you there!

About the Host

Carol Bush is an Oncology Nurse Consultant with the Midwest Cancer Alliance, an outreach network of the University of Kansas Cancer Center. She has a passion for curating evidence-based health information in unique ways, to promote and encourage informed care and healthy choices. As a healthcare social media champion, Carol blogs at The Social Nurse. She is co-founder and moderator of the #CureConnect Twitter chat. You can also find her guest blogging for Oncology Nursing News and The Onc- A Gated Community for Oncology Nurses. You may connect with Carol on Twitter via @cbushrn or @thesocialnurse.

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See the #KareoChat Recap on Telemedicine, Patient Convenience & Practice Efficiency

July 22nd, 2016 by Kareo

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Next #KareoChat Is All About Telemedicine

July 19th, 2016 by Kareo

Telemedicine is playing a growing role in healthcare. It can bring convenience to patients and added to revenue top practices. The biggest barriers have been technology and reimbursement. The technology is now widely available and the options for reimbursement are expanding. Join host @chironhealth and @GoKareo for a #KareoChat on Thursday, July 21 at 9 AM PT to talk about how independent practices are using telemedicine to bring convenience to patients and efficiency to practices.




Here are the chat questions to help you prepare your thoughts and join the conversation.

  1. What are the best use cases for telemedicine and do you use it in your practice?
  2. How does telemedicine fit into your vision of a successful independent practice business model?
  3. Patients are all about convenience these days, how has your practice been impacted by on-demand healthcare?
  4. What do you think is the biggest barrier for independent clinics adopting technology and telemedicine in their practice?
  5. Are you excited or unsure about the future of healtech and its impacts on health care?
  6. How do you get paid for video visits?

Bring your questions, post them to #KareoChat ahead of time, or tweet them to the host @chironhealth or @GoKareo. Hope to see you there!

About the Host

Chiron Health is a telemedicine software that allows physicians to connect with patients for routine appointments over secure video – and receive full reimbursement. Cloud software contains full support for patients and physicians, EHR/PM integrations, plus billing and reimbursement tools.

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