Free Webinar for Medical Billing Companies on Patient Collections Tools

November 30th, 2016 by Kareo

For Billing Companies: Simple Solutions to Improve Patient Collections from Kareo
Wednesday, December  7
10:00 AM PT, 1:00 PM ET

In this free webinar Kareo provides a detailed look at new and enhanced patient collections tools that billing companies can use to improve revenue for practices.

Patient due amounts are a growing portion of independent practice A/R. Some studies estimate it can be as much as 30% of practice receivables today. This is a big change from ten years ago, and the shift is having a big impact on the billing companies that support these practices.

You need simple, affordable tools to help you ensure a streamlined and effective patient collections process so that your practices and your billing company can collect every dime. Ideally, these solutions should add efficiency for billing companies and practices while offering options for patients like print or electronic statements and pay-by-text or email.

In this webinar, we’ll introduce you to new and enhanced solutions from Kareo that can help:

  • See the new, easier to understand patient statements
  • Learn about PatientlySpeaking, an automated solution to help enhance management of patient A/R
  • Get a refresher on integrated credit card processing, online billpay, and credit card on file

Register now to learn how you can implement these solutions to help your practice customers succeed.

Register Now

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Come Talk about What a Trump Presidency Means for Healthcare at #KareoChat

November 29th, 2016 by Kareo

The election is over, and the new President-Elect is settling into the business of choosing his cabinet and making more solid policy proposals. We’ve all had a few weeks to see how things are shaping up and form some opinions. Come join us at the next #KareoChat on Thursday, December 1 at 9 AM PT, hosted by @drtom_kareo to share your thoughts and predictions for the future of healthcare in the new administration.




Here are the chat questions to help you prepare your thoughts and join the conversation. Check out @drtom_kareo‘s recent blog post on this topic too!

  1. Given the election results, what will be the effect on ACA?
  2. Given the election results, what will be the effect on MACRA?
  3. What are some of the proposals you think will take hold?
  4. Are HDPs are at cross purposes with value based care? How might this play out?
  5. What might be the impacts on price transparency, data exchange, and big pharma?
  6. Best guess – when will these new change be made & by what legal mechanism?

Bring your questions, post them to #KareoChat ahead of time, or tweet them to the host @drtom_kareo or @GoKareo. Hope to see you there!

About the Host

Dr. Tom GiannulliTom Giannulli, M.D., M.S. is the chief medical information officer at Kareo. He is a respected innovator in the medical technology arena with more than 15 years of deep experience in mobile technology and medical software development. Previously, Tom was chief medical information officer at Epocrates and he was the founder and chief executive officer of Caretools, which developed the first iPhone-based EHR. Prior to that, Tom drove a number of key mobile healthcare technology innovations as VP of Advanced Research for Data Critical and the founder and CEO of Physix. He holds a M.S. in biomedical engineering from the University of Utah and earned his M.D. from the University of Texas at Houston where he completed his residency in internal medicine.

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Kareo Ranked on Deloitte Fast 500 for Fourth Year

November 18th, 2016 by Kareo

Kareo has announced it ranked 374 overall and 194 in the software category on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500™, a ranking of the 500 fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences, and energy tech companies in North America. Kareo grew 187 percent during this period. This is the fourth year in a row that Kareo has been on the list.

Kareo’s founder and CEO, Dan Rodrigues, credits the company’s focus on meeting the needs of independent practices for the company’s significant year-over-year revenue growth for the past four years. “Being included in this ranking for the fourth year in a row is a testament to our vision and focus on helping independent physicians thrive. We see a significant opportunity in the independent medical practice market, and we believe in the value that Kareo’s platform brings to these providers.”

“Today, when every organization can be a tech company, the most effective businesses not only foster the courage to explore change, but also encourage creativity in using and applying existing assets in new ways, as resourcefully as possible,” said Sandra Shirai, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP and U.S. technology, media and telecommunications industry leader. “This ingenious approach to innovation calls for the encouragement of curiosity and collaboration both within and outside the office walls.”

“This year’s Fast 500 winners showcase that when organizations are open to diverse perspectives and insights, they are able to create an environment for their employees and customers to see the possibilities and ingenious solutions that might lie ahead,” added Jim Atwell, national managing partner of the emerging growth company practice, Deloitte & Touche LLP. “Entrepreneurial environments foster change and innovation within businesses, and we look forward to watching these companies continue to drive change across all sectors.”

Kareo previously ranked 114 as a Technology Fast 500™ award winner for 2015, and was ranked in both 2014 and 2013 as well. The company now serves over 40,000 healthcare professionals, supports nearly 40,000,000 patient lives, and is adding an average of 1, 500 providers per month.

Overall, 2016 Technology Fast 500™ companies achieved revenue growth ranging from 121 percent to 66,661 percent from 2012 to 2015, with median growth of 290 percent.

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Next #KareoChat: Hacking Healthcare with “The Big Heist”

November 15th, 2016 by Kareo

Nearly everyone knows that our healthcare system is broken, but most don’t know the enormous collateral damage hyper-inflating costs cause. From stagnant wages to shattered public education budgets, decades of hyper-inflating healthcare costs have taken from nearly every corner and group in the United States. “The Big Heist” will show the problems and connections to the collateral damage in an entertaining and accessible way.  It’s a story of hope, built on the stories of those fixing it from the ground up. An exciting panel of hosts will lead the next #KareoChat on Thursday, November 17 at 9 AM PT. Join @thebigheist @chasedave @Healthfundr @PopHealthChick for what is sure to be a lively discussion!


Here are the chat questions to help you prepare your thoughts and join the conversation:

  1. What are some of the healthcare issues that @TheBigHeist is trying to bring to light? Why a film?
  2. What are some of the collateral damage in society caused by hyper-inflating HC costs? How are people solving this? You’ve talked about How companies have saved 20-55% on health benefits while improving benefits.

  3. U.S. healthcare cost increases are out-pacing other countries. How is this impacting individuals and communities?

  4. The Health Rosetta project seeks to bring “open source” thinking to healthcare & lower costs. What will it focus on?

  5. How can people get involved with the film and the movement to replace the healthcare status quo?

  6. What would a LEED-like certification mean for healthcare?

Bring your questions, post them to #KareoChat ahead of time, or tweet them to the hosts @thebigheist @chasedave @Healthfundr @PopHealthChick or @GoKareo. Hope to see you there!

About the Hosts

The Big Heist Movie“The Big Heist”
Health Rosetta Films, The Health Rosetta Group, and Dave Chase are excited to announce the development crowdfund for The Big Heist, a development stage feature film to catalyze action towards building a Health 3.0 world that provides high-quality care at lower costs, while providing a better experience for all patients and caregivers. The Big Heist will be The Big Short meets Super Size Me for our broken healthcare system—a satirical, follow-the-money film on the destruction caused by healthcare’s status quo… and the coming redemption. It’s a story of hope, built on the stories of those fixing it from the ground up. Along with the film, The Big Heist will leverage an online platform for people affected by our healthcare system to share their stories and experiences. This will build a ground swell of support for the fixes, creating a snowball effect that will lead to fixing our broken healthcare system.

Dave ChaseDave Chase
Chase is co-founder of the Health Rosetta Group that consists of 3 pillars: The Health Rosetta Institute that is an education and certification entity that is like LEED/Fair Trade for healthcare; Media that includes the film and books. The Big Heist is the first fiercely non-partisan satirical film to tackle healthcare. In addition, we’re publishing the CEO’s Guide to Restoring the American Dream: How to deliver world class healthcare to your employees at half the cost; and Investments including the Quad Aim Fund, a seed stage venture fund. Chase was named one of the most influential people in Digital Health due to his entrepreneurial success, public speaking & writing that recognizes healthcare’s under-performance but contrasts that with a growing cadre of high-performing organizations that have solved healthcare’s toughest challenges. Chase, widely published, co-authored the healthcare Book of the Year in in 2014. Chase was the CEO & Co-founder of Avado, which was acquired by and integrated into WebMD and the most widely used healthcare professional site – Medscape. Before Avado, Chase spent several years outside of healthcare in startups as founder or consulting roles with, MarketLeader, & WhatCounts. He also played founding & leadership roles in launching two new $1B+ businesses within Microsoft including their $2 billion healthcare platform business.

Kat Quinn, MBA HITKat Quinn
Kat Quinn, MBA is passionate about empowering the doctor-patient relationship to improve better health outcomes accross America! She is a brand ambassador for The Big Heist, and an advocate for Direct Primary Care because it reduces disparities for all socioeconomic classes and age demographics, provides quality time and care, and increases patient engagement and satisfaction. You can catch her as host of “The Awesome DPC Doctor Show” podcast via

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Register Now for Up-to-the-Minute Update on MACRA

November 10th, 2016 by Kareo

Get an Up-to-the-Minute Update on MACRA
Wednesday, November 16
10:00 AM PT, 1:00 PM ET

In this free webinar renowned healthcare blogger John Lynn will give an update on the MACRA final rule and how it impacts small practices.

The final MACRA rule is finally here. The entire healthcare industry has been waiting since May for the details. Get the scoop on what has changed and what has stayed the same for MACRA, and more importantly, how all this will impact your practice.

In this free webinar, industry expert John Lynn will walk you through:

  • The main components of MACRA, including MIPS and APMs
  • Review the process for deciding which track you should take
  • The components of MACRA and what’s new in the final rule
  • How these changes may impact smaller practices

Don’t miss this chance to get the latest update on MACRA to understand how it may impact you starting in 2017.

Register Now


About the Speaker

John Lynn is the Editor and Founder of the nationally renowned blog network John also co-founded two companies: and Plus, John is the Founder of 10 other blogs including the Pure TV Network and Vegas Startups. John’s 25+ blogs have published over 15,000 blog posts, garnered over 30 million views and had over 122,000 comments. John is highly involved in social media, and in addition to his blogs can be found on Twitter: @techguy and @ehrandhit.

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