Managing Your Practice in a World of High Deductibles

March 20th, 2017 by Kareo

Come join us at the next #KareoChat on Thursday, March 23 at 9 AM PT, hosted by @ProviderWebCap to guide us through a conversation about Managing Your Practice in a World of High Deductibles.

Here are the chat questions to help you prepare your thoughts and join the conversation.

  1. What are best practices for collecting patient responsibility?
  2. How can small practices help patients if they cannot afford the cost of care?
  3. What types of patient finance options are available for patients?
  4. When should small practices consider offering their patients a payment plan?
  5. How can small practices administer a payment plan for patients and maximize chances of getting paid?
  6. What considerations should small practices take into account when considering an outsourced collections company?

Bring your questions, post them to #KareoChat ahead of time, or tweet them to the host @ProviderWebCap and @GoKareo. Hope to see you there!

About the Host

Health care premiums are set to rise again in 2017, and higher deductibles are requiring patients to shoulder more responsibility. Drew Altman, President and CEO of the Kaiser Family Foundation stated, “deductibles have been going up so much faster than wages, almost seven times faster than wages.” What does this mean for healthcare providers? It means collecting patient responsibility will become an increasingly bigger challenge for practices. What further complicates the matter is the large majority of the population can’t afford to pay the deductible at the time of service. In their mission to help healthcare providers serve more patients, Provider Web Capital is delivering financial tools to practices to manage the challenges of rising patient responsibility and higher deductible plans.

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